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MGA is excited to announce a partnership with The JUICE PLUS+ Company!  Starting in 2014, MGA will be making the JP+ family of products available to our members.  JUICE PLUS+ is the #1 whole-food based nutrition product in the world and its well known to elite athletes in over 20 countries!  JUICE PLUS+ is made of nutrient-dense powders from 17 raw fruits, vegetables and 2 grains.  This potent phytonutrient blend has been put into capsules and soft chewables so that we may  bridge the gap between what we should be eating and what we actually eat everyday! Think about that!

            GOOD NUTRITION plays a vital role in our health and in our children's health!  The FRUIT and VEGETABLE food groups are essential for this, and yet,  most of us do not eat nearly enough servings per day!  And by the way, fruits and vegetables are also CRITICAL for our bodies recovery, athletic performance  and stamina!  How many of us really eat the recommended 9-13 servings of fruits and veggies on a daily basis?  We realized that while running the gym, our hectic schedules made it harder and harder to eat what we needed to fuel and protect our bodies properly.  We've been taking JP+ for a few months now and we've noticed we feel better and have more energy --and BTW, our nails and hair have been growing amazingly fast!  We take this as an awesome sign that our cells are growing and recovering at a much faster rate!

            We believe in what JUICE PLUS+ has done for us, and we KNOW that it can do the same thing for our MGA athletes and parents.  Please take the time to review the videos and research on the JUICEPLUS+ link on our website @


            Our colleague, Phillip Stern, a former national gymnastics champion himself, will be supporting us as MGA's JP+ Wellness Coordinator!  Phil may be reached at (201)218-6033 or emailed at with any and all questions you may have!


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